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سرير كول بيبي متنقل ينضم لسرير الام - رمادي

سرير كول بيبي متنقل ينضم لسرير الام - رمادي

العلامة التجارية: Coolbaby

5,000 L.E   4,100 L.E السعر بعد الضريبة
حالة التوفر: غير متوفر
العلامة التجارية: Coolbaby


Innovative Design from coolBaby designed to keep baby and mother close while sleeping, the side of the bed can be lift up and down as needed to facilitate access while breastfeeding, bassinet level can be lowered down to playpen.

coolbaby Next to Me comes with mobile toys for entertaining and electronic panels (music, sound, light and vibrate) to lullaby your little baby.

This bed is also equipped with a changing table, high pole mosquito net to protect baby from flies, wheels with breaks, attachment straps to the parent's bed, folding portable mat and travel bags for storage or to carry while traveling.



Lift up & lower down side panel for co-sleeper mode

Bassinet can be lowered down to become playpen

Changing table 

storage pockets

Electronic panel (sound, music, vibrate, light)

3 rotating soft toys

High pole mosquito net

Rocking base

2 wheels with break

Folding mattress size 105 x 70 cm

Attach a rope to tie the bed to parent's bed

travel bag


Product Dimensions

Assembled: 110 x 76 x 78 cm

Folded: 81 x 26 x 27 cm

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